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Sourires de Bali

Sourires de Bali

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Happiness is Here !

Just next to us, we just simply have to open our eyes and listen to our hearts…

EYLL is engaged in world equality and shares with you the adventure of “Sourires de Bali”.

After their encounter whith sister Serafine at the association LA ROSIN, Patricia and Olivia opened their hearts to the kids at the orphenage located in the vollage of Cengiling in Balangan, Bali and they craeted a Facebook page “Les Sourires de Bali” in 2017.

Since then, they go regularly to the orphenage and try to change the routine of these kids by organizing parties, workshops, proposing zumba lessons, celebrating birthday with small gift…

Patricia, Yanandra Hotel Bali’s manager, offers the opportunity to her hosts to share a moment of happiness to the kids and organises solidarity projects depending the need of the kids.

They have a lot of needs but there’s a thing we can give them with no cost is Love  .

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